We are now approaching the end of our seventh year in business and things are moving along very well. We continually strive to be better though and are always looking to expand our horizons and exceed customer expectations.

Our Shooting Style:

We like to be a bit like camera ninjas and try to be as discreet as possible. Often filming from afar many people comment on how they “hardly noticed us” on the day. We will film the key moments such as the Ceremony, Speeches and First Dances with 3-4 cameras. This is the same whether its a one or two operator package. When a two operator package is chosen two cameras can be “manned” at one time rather than static shots. This is also helpful during morning preparations as we can be in two places at once.  We can supply a drone facility when required to capture ariel footage. This is an extra cost as a third party supplier is brought in to handle that side of things. We pay particular attention to audio on the day and close mic the celebrant and groom during the ceremony and where possible the speakers in the speeches too. Some celebrants will choose not to wear a mic but we do try very hard to encourage them as it will give a better end product.


How does our final film flow?:

The main feature is an extended highlights film. These run from 10-15 minutes or so. Each one is different as each wedding is different. They usually include parts of the ceremony, speeches and dances as well as all of the artistic shots we capture on the day. The Ceremony, speeches and dances are supplied as stand alone chapters and are fully edited.

How is the final film delivered to us?:

We are now delivering online via the Mediazilla platform. This is super handy for sharing your film with who you choose in private or publicly via social media etc. A custom USB stick and/or DVD’s are available at a cost of £30 on top of the package price. We are trying to avoid DVD’s wherever possible now due to the quality issue. As we film in 4K its a crying shame to reduce the footage to a standard definition which is what DVD requires.


Here is a little introduction to the team:

Lee Haggarty – Myself. I am the owner and generally cover everything! I oversee all things editing and production wise. Many late nights and early rises but it’s all good.

Ed Cooper – Freelance camera operator. Ed often handles shooting days and has a great friendly manner. Nothing is a problem to Ed! He really is a “glass is half full” kind of guy. Ed has a wonderful “eye for a shot” and is a great addition to any project.

Tom Armstrong Jnr – Freelance camera operator. Tom is our youngest member but this boy knows his way around a camera! He has a great manner with clients and assists us on multi operator shoots.

Lorraine Haggarty – My wife. Very often my executive producer, she is constantly subjected to the “lump in the throat test” which every wedding film has to pass before leaving here!